Snowbombing Music Festival

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Где произойдет? Mayrhofen   Показать на карте Хочу отель и авиабилет, Подбор тура
Когда произойдет? 09.04.2018 - 14.04.2018    290 дней осталось Хочу билет на самолет, Авиабилеты
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One of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe, it is the premier music festival on snow with an average of over 8,497 feet. In one of the most unique places imaginable (igloo rave, magical forest party, underground super club, Austria's biggest ornate street party), it shows 100+ performances. Luxury spas, authentic mountain cuisine and not a tent to be seen. Blue running, black running, schnapps running. Does the chalet go on? 19 years strong and reliable, the best, unrivaled reputation and world-class talent unique among mountains. Original. Matchless. Unbelievably epic.

Mayrhofen, Austria Located in the Tirol Mountains, the Tyrolean capital is about an hour away from Innsbruck.

Travel around the world to get one of Europe's best ski resorts and have fun and snowbombing in the wonderful places.

Forest parties, mountain stairs, pool parties, snolympics, enjoy the speed of ski lift.

We invite international artists from across the genre - Liam Gallagher, Pendulum and Dizzee Rascal will pounce on everything in 2018 - Snowbombing is displaying them in igloo praise and magical forests, as well as on the steep slopes side and surrounded by some of the best in Europe.

Snowbombing is the biggest show on the snow in the Mayrhofen ski resort in Austria.

Mayrhofen is considered one of the best ski and snowboard areas in Europe - a 605 km runway, Europe's steepest slope, 20 km cross-country ski, Vans Penken Snowpark and Hintertux Glacier access.

Can you make some snowboarding or skiing at daytime and nighttime party? The Snowbombing festival offers all this and more than five days in early April. This festival, which is primarily concerned with snow sports, takes place at the Mayrhofen in Austria and gives ample opportunity to go on white goods and learn how to ride on skis or snowboards. Here is a region where you will have to collect serious energy with you.

The Ride N Seek event is a special attraction at the Snowbombing Festival; many others who have been billed as snowboard competitions and many of the best professional names have thrown themselves into the field of Penken Park and threw them over the ramp of cheating. Participants also have a complete dress day with a ton of false mustaches while painting the white floor with a splash of color throughout the day.