Secret Garden Party

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Где произойдет? Cambridgeshire   Показать на карте Хочу отель и авиабилет, Подбор тура
Когда произойдет? 20.07.2018 - 23.07.2018    27 дней осталось Хочу билет на самолет, Авиабилеты
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This year’s Secret Garden Party will be the last ever, for various reasons. A decade and a half of unbridled hedonism will finally grind to a halt for this loud, proud fest for all. Over the years, the loopy weekend in the British wilderness has developed a reputation as an inclusive, well-organized party with no shortage of notoriety and this year should be no exception.
With accommodation options that include ‘Royal Safari Tents’ and ‘Vintage Showman Cameras,’ you can also look forward to a good night’s slumber amidst all the shenanigans.

Cambridgeshire's worst kept secret attracts thousands of people every year, with 30,000 people expected to attend in 2018.

It has been a highlight of the summer festival calendar for 15 years but this summer will herald the last ever unless it ‘rises from the ashes' as it founder Freddie Fellows has hinted.

The festival, which has won a host of awards and attracts thousands of revellers, will play for the last time on July 23.