Rio Carnival

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Nearby will be the 2018 Rio Carnival time when residents know how to party. In the streets thousands of entertainment enthusiasm will emerge and turn into the hotels, bars, nightclubs and dance clubs to enjoy the many weekly celebration ceremonies. Carriers freed their carnavals to fly in the Carnival Circle. Rio Carnival In 2018, you can have a great time at the street parties, while in Sarnadrome many Carnival balloons and samba gardens are for living the real carioca entertainment spirit.

Africa samba took over Carnival
Rio Carnival has a strong African influence, as evidenced by the exotic costumes of bones, feathers and shots and, of course, the root of the samba Carnival festivals that we know today. African slaves brought by the Portuguese developed sambas, poisonous rhythms soon caught the Carnival scene across the country. Many slaves settled in Rio after the slaughter was lifted, so today there is a samba in the heart of Rio.

Carnival parade between 2018

Important dates for carnival gates
Friday, February 9, 2018 Schools Under Access or Schools that Make the Gold Group - Day 1
Saturday, February 10, 2018 Schools Under Access or Schools that Make the Gold Group - Day 2
Sunday, February 11, 2018 Sunday Best Private Schools - Day 1
Monday, February 12, 2018 Best Private Schools - Day 2
February 13, 2018 Tuesday Children's Pass
February 17, 2018 Saturday Special Group Champions will once again parade.

Excitement begins with respect to King Momo
All eyes will be in King Momo, carrying the keys of the city of Rio Carnival 2018. King Momo, a very modest person until the emergence of the obsessive problem, marks the beginning of Carnival celebrations around the city. The ceremony continues with the parade of Erasmus or Altin Grup, where samba schools are fighting for the right to join the Private Gruba next year.

Samba Gates - the place where competition spirit dominates
The competition and excitement will be illuminated in Karanal on Friday and Saturday, when Erisim or the Golden Group supports residents for a place in the top 12 samba schools next year with their assistants. A high level competition reveals the best among Erisim or Altin Group schools, and it is very valuable to live in your visit to Rio. Sambadrome is home to a group of elite samba schools known as the Carnival Market and Private Group on Monday because competition is progressing as competition progresses. The children in Sambadrome were provisionally arranged after the results of a championship title were announced after a panel decision was made by 40 judges at Carnival Week. Next Saturday you can watch the best 6 samba schools in Karnaval again.

Bloco Parties - Samba shed in the streets
For everyone in the Carnival Circle there is a party with the excitement of Carioca. While rich and famous can enjoy their own fun, Rio is hosting the street parties or blocolara throughout the city. The parties are free along with all social statues and attract tourists. To live the true spirit of the carnival, you have to attend some of these parties, about a month before the start of the Carnival. Like Samba's past in Sambadrome, people are joined with this incredibly talented and erotic samba dancers who are crowded to participate in party parades and samba melodiously famous parade cars. Rio Carnival Prepare to join the busiest street parties in 2018.