Cologne Carnival

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Cologne Carnival is one of the largest and most famous of Germany.

Carnival is celebrated in Cologne for centuries and today for over 160 carnival societies organizing all the carnival festivals.

Everyone who has visited Cologne outside the time of the carnival finds it hard to recognize it with the metamorphosis that takes place this crazy anda of the year.

the parties are everywhere - streets, bars and public works - with everyone dressed in bright costumes.

Your costume will probably be more fun than you fantasize - it's worn to keep it as warm as it is to show what the carnival is in your spirit!

closing times for bars and pubs do not exist during the festival, meaning that a lot of fun takes place within these five days.

When you raise a glass, forget to Cheers, Carnival greetings Alaaf!

One day for all the ladies begins - Weiberfastnacht (Big Celebration of the Eve of Thursday) - The fancy dress woman will see the title for Alter Markt, officially opened by Carnival Dreigestirn (Prince, Peasant and Virgin)

Peak Rose is the gateway through the city center on Monday.

It starts at 10:30, the 6 km route ride is over 70 decorated on the float and lasts for 3 hours.

crowds of buoy attendants throw flowers, sweets, and other small gifts.

Perhaps you should catch a bottle of the city famous Eau de Cologne.

Women's Carnival Day

Early in the morning, the streets are alive with women in fancy dress on their way to the office, their place of work or to shops, and from 10.00 a.m. they all head towards the Alter Markt. At 11.11 a.m. the Street Carnival is officially opened at the Alter Markt by the three principal Carnival figures: the Prince, the Peasant and the Virgin. At 13.30, Historical play “Jan un Griet” (Jan von Werth Carnival society) at the Severinstor, followed by a procession to Alter Markt to honour the Jan von Werth memorial with cheerful music and dance performances.

In the afternoon and evening: masked balls and parties

Carnival Friday 

In the morning, you might come across the odd "survivor" of "Weiberfastnacht" if you go for a stroll through the city. A tour of the city is always worthwhile: coach trips from the Cologne Tourist Board.

In the evening: masked balls and parties

Carnival Saturday 

Following a traditional Cologne "Frühschoppen" or early-morning drink, at 10.30 a.m. you should head for the "Funkenbiwak" at Neumarkt. The city is overflowing with "Jecken" or Carnival figures by the afternoon.

In the evening: parties, parties and even more parties

Carnival Sunday

Parade through the city centre from 10:30 p.m.: School groups in fancy dress and original costumes of clubs in the city quarters.

In the evening: masked balls and parties

Rose Monday

The climax of the Carnival with the large official parade from 10:00 a.m., organized by the Cologne Carnival Committee of 1823: It is a colourful spectacle with sweets (“Kamelle”), little bouquets of flowers (“Strüßjer”), pecks (“Bützje”) and over one million of spectators in fancy dress. All day the city echoes to the sounds of the Carnival battle cry: "Kölle Alaaf", which means "Long live Cologne!".

Evening: the celebrations continue in halls, restaurants and pubs.

Carnival  Tuesday 

In the afternoon, parades in Cologne's suburbs with Carnival groups and societies in fancy dress. After the midday parades in Cologne suburbs the party goes on until at midnight, amid great weeping and wailing, the “Nubbel” (a life-size straw figure) is ceremonially burnt. 

Ash Wednesday

The end. Carnival "survivors" soothe their hangover with a traditional fish dinner in one of the many restaurants and pubs.