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Когда произойдет? 29.03.2018 - 31.03.2018    254 дней осталось Хочу билет на самолет, Авиабилеты
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With the opening of major international art galleries such as White Cube and Gagosian in the city, the relatively young art world of Hong Kong has established itself as a place worth traveling to. What makes this even more compelling is Art Basel Hong Kong, which continues to make waves as one of the world’s best upcoming art fairs.

Through an in-depth overview of the region’s diversity, be it historical or cutting-edge works by established and emerging artists, Art Basel Hong Kong will probably figure as a must-do on most artsy lists in 2018.

Our 2018 edition features 248 premier galleries from 32 countries and territories. Underlining Art Basel's commitment to the region, half of the participating galleries once again have exhibition spaces in Asia and Asia-Pacific. The show provides an in-depth overview of the region’s diversity through both historical material and cutting-edge works by established and emerging artists.

Art Basel's global VIP Representatives network develops and cultivates relationships with art patrons around the world. Comprised of 31 art experts, who are deeply engaged in the regions, our VIP Representatives connect collectors, galleries and institutions across countries and continents to provide VIP guests with exclusive services and create a highly personalized Art Basel experience. 

Our regional VIP Representatives are delighted to assist you with inquiries about access to the show. Please contact the VIP team at for support in exploring the benefits of your personal VIP account and in making the most of your show visit.

Art Basel has expanded on its long-standing exhibitor regulations to define a set of principles that express Art Basel's perspective concerning exhibitors fulfilling their responsibilities towards artists, consignors, buyers and their industry. The Art Basel Art Market Principles and Best Practices also outlines a new process in cases of potential criminal activity by exhibitors.

The Art Basel Art Market Principles and Best Practices will come into effect with the applications for our Miami Beach show in 2018.