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Когда произойдет? 20.07.2018 - 29.07.2018    27 дней осталось Хочу билет на самолет, Авиабилеты
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Tomorrowland is the biggest electronic music festival in the world. Lineups featuring the most popular DJs on the planet, mind-blowing stage design and spectacular firework displays: there's nothing else like Tomorrowland.

Since it all started back in 2005, the Belgium festival has gone onto reach the pinnacle of dance music, showcasing only the very best DJs and attracting fans from all four corners of the globe. Spanning over 15 stages, expect all dance music bases to be covered – EDM, house, techno – you name it, Tomorrrowland has it. 

Tomorrowland is not just a music festival. It’s a feeling. It’s a movement. It’s right up there with my wedding day. Tomorrowland is without question the best music festival in the world. But getting a ticket to the festival is more than difficult. Tomorrowland 2018 tickets will sell out in mere minutes. I’ve been lucky enough to go to the festival 4 times, so I want to share with you how to score tickets to Tomorrowland. Here’s my comprehensive guide to get to Tomorrowland 2018.

It does a phenomenal job of combining some of the best DJs, absolutely incredible decorations, mesmerizing fireworks displays, and people from more than 200 countries celebrating life. Every year people from all over the world register for Tomorrowland tickets and are glued to their computer screens to go to one of the most coveted festivals in the world.

Tomorrowland takes place about half an hour from Brussels in the area of De Schorre, specifically the aptly named Boom, Belgium.

Tomorrowland is taking place on two weekends for 2018. It’s the last two weekend in July: 20-22nd and 27th- 29th. The Gathering, which is the pre-festival event for campers in Dreamville, takes place the Thursday before: July 19th and then July 26th for weekend 2.

Tomorrowland takes place in Boom, Belgium. This small town transforms into a party scene. Usually a quiet town they display the Tomorrowland flags on their windows during the festival. You can get to the festival via buses. They run buses throughout various nearby cities that will take you directly to the festival. You can also grab a taxi or drive to the festival.